Does Scalp Micropigmentation hurt?



In a nutshell, no, not really. Most of our clients fall asleep! Read on for more information on this solution for hair loss:

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a common hair loss treatment for thinning hair, hairlines, bald spots, failed hair transplants & scar tissue. Not to be confused with microblading, the process is commonly referred to as a “hair tattoo” or ”cosmetic hair tattoo” because it replicates a tattoo and hair follicles on the scalp.

It’s safe to say that Scalp Micropigmentation is less painful than getting a traditional tattoo, which can be rather uncomfortable for certain people. With SMP, receding or balding men can mimic a buzz cut (shaved head), while women with thin or fine hair can make it look as though they have a full head of thicker, fuller hair.

At our Cardiff SMP clinic, our practitioners have found the areas of the scalp which cause the most pain or discomfort for the client is at the temples and front of the head. When carrying out Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation in these areas, some clients start sneezing and their nose starts running, so tissues are on hand! When we start your scalp micropigmentation treatment for hair loss or thinning, the technician will assess your level of baldness and the treatment begins at the crown area or back of the head. The level of pain tolerance in this area is much less than at the front of the head, doing it this way, enables the client to feel a little more comfortable whilst having their SMP treatment.

The pain and discomfort you’ll experience is the most common worry among those thinking about getting Scalp Pigmentation treatments due to the fact that a microneedle will be piercing the scalp thousands of times. Similar to a traditional cosmetic tattoo, micropigmentation is performed by depositing ink pigment into the scalp to give the appearance of shaved hair. The intensity of pain differs from person to person, and it really depends on their pain threshold, some clients are more sensitive than others, whilst others will sit there and won’t feel a thing. If a client is a little more sensitive, to ease pain levels, some clinics will numb the scalp with numbing cream. However, that is not advisable.

Thinking of getting Scalp Micropigmentation? It is important to select an SMP practitioner who knows what they are doing. Here at our scalp micropigmentation Cardiff studio, we have the best Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) artists so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands, so get in touch today to arrange a free no obligation consultation.