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Based in London and suffering from hair loss? Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a hair tattoo technique that can improve your life and return your self-image confidence!

This non-surgical treatment uses small needles to deposit ink pigment into the scalp, creating the appearance of natural hair follicles. The result? A full head of shaved-looking hair – even if you are totally bald!

Results are usually visible after the first session. So don’t let thinning or receding ruin your self-esteem.

If you’re in the London area then together we can restore your confidence and get your look back – dot by dot.

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What can SMP treat?

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SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation, can help you get back your natural-looking hair and crown. This treatment uses tiny dots of ink to create a pattern that looks like real follicles. This will suit London men and women who have patterns of hair loss.

SMP makes it possible for receding areas to look like they have real hair again – an innovative way to give you the confidence you deserve without surgery.

Give yourself a chance to look your best and start regaining confidence in your appearance.

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Hair Density

We offer density treatments that works for everyone. Whether your hair is shaved or long, it can help you make bald patches look fuller and thicker! 

The process works over several sessions, by placing pigment within each follicle to create a fuller appearance and reduce receding. This will make your remaining thin hair appear fuller.

All of this without breaking the bank!  Rest assured, our density treatment is tried and tested, easy to use and straightforward to maintain. It won’t let you down.


If you’re dealing with a form of alopecia, then a hair tattoo could be the perfect solution. This tattoo is non-invasive and provides a realistic appearance of a full head of shaved hair. 

Whether it’s pattern baldness, patchy baldness or another form of alopecia, this treatment offers an effective disguise.

It’s easier than ever in London to take back control and achieve your desired look. 

Don’t let alopecia stop you from living your life with confidence.

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Hair transplantation, burns, and surgeries can all lead to scars on the scalp that stand out. One way to conceal these scars and blend into existing hair is through a process called micro dotting. Tiny dots are placed into the tissue of the skin, helping it blend in with the naturally-occurring hairs.

Rather than worrying about scars, consider that micro dotting offers a simple solution so you don’t have to worry about being judged.

It’s an easy and effective way for you to regain confidence and restore balance in your look.

SMP Treatment Process Near London


If your interested in expert Scalp Micropigmentation then why not arrange a consultation session with us? In person at our studio or by phone, we can talk with you in more detail about what is involved and your needs.


Good client care, hygiene and procedures are essential for successful SMP service delivery and we follow regulations strictly. Cross-contamination and infection mitigation is so important with SMP and we take great care in those areas.


Well-informed aftercare at home is important in avoiding infection and early fading after the treatment sessions have been completed. We will ensure you're well-equipped with the necessary aftercare knowledge you need to maintain your look.

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Your Expert SMP Artist

Paul West

Passionate, honest and driven in my work, I’m also a hard-working and committed family man. When talking about SMP, unlike some, I can speak from experience having suffered a loss of hair and undergone my own treatment programme. My interest in becoming an SMP practitioner began after that experience and I decided to become professionally trained in SMP delivery. I was (and am) very keen to help people interested in this treatment because I know how important it was for me.

After a long training programme, I’m now a fully certified, insured and licensed professional who enjoys helping clients that are facing their own hair challenges. Working with a client from start to finish to achieve the amazing results they want, is very rewarding.

Following more advanced training, I’ve continued to develop my skills and am confident that the Scalp Envy experience cannot be bettered in South Wales.

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