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Our scar tattoo treatments are long-lasting cosmetic solutions for disguising scars. Whether you’ve had a hair transplant, had an injury to the head or surgery, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can help. Also known as a hair tattoo, this treatment can hide your scars, increase your confidence, self-esteem and improve the appearance of your scalp. 

Hair Transplant Scars

The most common type of scars we deal with are from hair transplants, including failed transplant procedures.
Currently, there are two main types of hair transplantation: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). In FUE surgery, hair follicles are taken from the scalp and applied to the areas of hair loss leaving you with small circular scars across your scalp. The benefits of FUE are that its less invasive and easier to disguise as they lay flat to the scalp. This is particularly helpful when using advanced medical techniques as ink pigment is inserted into your scalp, then blended into the surrounding skin to completely camouflage it, similar to a tattoo. 
In FUT surgery a strip of skin is cut from the side or back of the head then individual hair follicles are extracted. The balding areas of your scalp are then filled with these follicles. This procedure is often used for concealing a thinning hairline caused by male pattern baldness. The benefits of FUT include a shorter operation time and much cheaper surgery costs. Alternatively, to save even more money and to avoid the surgery you could have Scalp pigmentation at Scalp Envy.

How can SMP help?

This SMP camouflage treatment will help disguise your scars on your head that stand out by using our advanced techniques by subtly adding pigment to replicate your hair follicles. When done correctly, you’ll be left with a fully camouflaged scar that blends into your hair. Another advantage is that the needle draws collagen to the surface of the skin, which aids in skin restoration and it can be applied to any skin colour / skin tones. Scar tissue can be difficult to work with and thus necessitates a high level of expertise and skin knowledge. Clients must seek out advanced artists to address scalp scars, that is why Scalp Envy has a distinct advantage. 

How long does a scar need to heal before having SMP?

We advise SMP should not be applied to a scar less than 9 months old, although, 12 months is the preferred healing time. When the scar is flat, completely healed, little to no redness present and there’s no swelling, SMP can be applied to it. 


How many SMP sessions are needed to hide a scar?

Usually, 2-4 sessions are needed to camouflage and blend into the hair and natural skin that surrounds the scar. It can depend on the natural skin tone, with darker skin sometimes taking more sessions. It also depends on how experienced and skilled the technician is, as it is difficult to perform correctly but using the correct tattooing techniques it can be achieved.

What are the risks of having a skin camouflage tattoo?

  • Pigment migration – If the scar is still healing the pigment could spread
  • Low retention – Tissue can be uneven and unpredictable
  • Infection – Possible by not following the aftercare guidelines
  • Allergic reaction – A natural pigment is used but can.t rule out an infection

How much does Scar tattoo camouflage cost?

Each case is different so it`s difficult to give an exact price without seeing the severity of the scar. The costs vary due to the size of the area being treated, together with the duration of each appointment. If you can send in photos of your scalp, we`ll be able to assist you further, this can be done via email, WhatsApp or text.
Scalp micro pigmentation is the perfect treatment to complete your hair journey. It will be like the scar was never there, to begin with. So, if you’re interested in having a scar camouflaged with the latest techniques then Get in Touch to book a free consultation at our scalp micropigmentation Cardiff studio. Let’s work together to create the look you`ve always dreamed of.


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